Saltarelle C# to JavaScript Compiler

This compiler can compile C# into JavaScript. By doing this you can leverage all the advantages of C#, such as static type checking, IntelliSense (the kind that works) and lambda expressions when writing code for the browser. Never, ever, experience an 'object does not support this property or method' again!!.

Saltarelle is not an entire framework for web application development (such as GWT), rather it consists of a compiler and a small runtime library that only contains the things necessary for the language features to work. It is, however, designed with interoperability in mind so you can use any existing JavaScript framework with it. It comes with support for jQuery, and other libraries can be used either by authoring an import library (which is just a class / set of classes with special attributes on their members) or by using they 'dynamic' feature of C# 4.

The compiler comes as a command line utility, with options similar to those of csc.exe, and as an MSBuild task (and a corresponding .targets file).

To get started compiling, see the Getting Started guide.

The compiler supports most of C# 5.0. For details, see Language Fetaures.

There are samples available at

There is a forum for users:

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